Exclusive Courseware developed by Professional Maritime Competence Indonesia (PT Promacindo) for use in the Company’s maritime training courses can be purchased by training centres that do not have the time or resources available to develop computer programs or other educational materials themselves. Promacindo has more than 20 years’ experience producing and delivering simulator-based training Courseware, which can be transferred to other simulator-based training centres. The Courseware, including International Maritime Organization (IMO) Model Courses, can be delivered as a stand-alone product or accompanied with a comprehensive instructor training course. The material is delivered in hard-copy, soft-copy, PDF and editable file formats and branded with the logo of any customer. The courseware is ready for Flag-State approval.
The entire documentation consist of:

  • Course Framework
  • Detailed Course Outline with Timetable
  • Detailed Teaching Syllabus and Lesson Plan
  • Instructor Manual
  • Preparation Documents
  • Registration Forms, Checklists, Feedback Forms
  • PowerPoint Presetation with embedded videos and animations
  • Theoretical and Practical Assessments
  • Background Information, Articles and Conference Papers
  • Case Studies and Accidents Reports
  • Legal Resolutions and Standards
  • Student Book
  • Textbook and Exercise Briefing Sheets
  • Customized Simulator Exercises

The following Courseware is available for purchase today:

  • IMO Model Course 1.27 ECDIS (Edition 2012)
  • IMO Model Course 3.23 Anti-Piracy
  • IMO Model Course 1.22 BTM
  • IMO Model Course 1.32 INS/IBS
  • Navigating in ICE
  • Shiphandling