Mai Reger – Training Coordinator, SSHEQ, Superintendent Ship Management

Peter Möller is known for his widespread knowledge when it comes to all kinds of questions regarding navigation.

He is not only a profound teacher but also an excellent observer thus creating honest and helpful audit reports when you allow him to travel with your crew on board ship.

Being an expert for electronic navigation, namely the ECDIS he can help you at all stages from training to procedures and implementation.

We are working with him already for years and intend to send him again on board our Chemical Tankers to verify knowledge, behaviour and operation also during Vetting inspections.

Oliver Schwarz
Business Development Director ChartWorld International Ltd

“ChartWorld Group hast worked with Capt. Moeller since 2011 and frequently utilized his services for ECDIS and instructor training, as well as Train-the-Trainer courses. Sending Peter to our customers has always provided us peace of mind, without exception the client feedback has been awesome.

He has not only the knowledge about the equipment and navigation, but he has the rare talent to explain it to the participants, no matter what nationality he is working with.

Together we do everything to keep our partners happy. We will use his outstanding knowledge and expertise in the future”.

Vincent Denis
Chief Officer
Anthony Veder Rederijzaken B.V.

I’ve met Peter during an audit at sea, whilst underway from Zeebrugge to Tenerife. Peter is what an auditor has to be; completely blended into the ships environment without causing any disturbance to the team onboard. In this way, it enables an auditor to fully appraise and grasp the working of a team into each detail.

During the audit Peter also made time to give useable clear feedback, adapted to the role of each team member. In the past 10 years at sea, I’ve witnessed and participated in numerous audits and I can say now safely that many auditors could learn from Peter’s approach, since an audit is NOT about being policeman, interrupting every minute and ask the crew why they are ‘doing it wrong’.

Auditing is an art, where the crew should have the feeling that they are not watched and can be themselves. This art is truly understood by Peter. I can certainly recommend Peter for your audits, anywhere, anytime.

Angga Lthfi Eldrianto
PT Equinox Bahari Utama

We choose Promacindo as our training centre mainly because of the quality proven and the positive output given to our seafarers. Company’s specific trainings, such as Ice Navigation, Ship Handling, Leadership trainings can be done in such high level and professional manner.

Capt. Moeller has the skill to explain complex details with knowledge and patience. He is able to transfer multifaceted ship handling aspects in a way, that the participants can gain enormous knowledge for their career.

We appreciate the excellent cooperation and looking forward to continue this in the future.

Ferdinand Dekker
Manager HR Marine
Anthony Veder Rederijzaken B.V

Anthony Veder does work with Peter Moller for several years and he is well-known to many of our seafarers. He assist us to upgrade the knowledge on board for ECDIS and improve the bridge team management on board of our vessels over the years.

We appreciate the way the audits are performed and glad to have an excellent cooperation with Peter and looking forward to further develop ourselves with his assistance.



Paul Holl
OCIMF Auditor / CDI Senior Inspector

During the last years we had an excellent cooperation with Peter Moeller for ECDIS training and navigation audits. His on board ECDIS training proves to be much more effective than the usual CBT courses. Navigation audits were professionally performed and much appreciated by our clients. Captain Moeller is an experienced ex master with great training skills, something that is much needed in our present maritime society .





Remko Kloos
Global Director Fleet Services Fugro

Promacindo has helped us in many ways, from a navigational assessment on board, review of our own navigational assessment procedure to training our shore staff. Promacindo to me stands for Quality, engagement, commitment and really creating professional motivation with our crew. Any training is just as good as the teacher providing it. With Peter Moeller each training, audit or ships visit is a high quality teaching opportunity come to live!

I highly recommend you to engage with Promacindo and Peter Moeller to also make a real difference within your organization.