Reporting is comprehensive and includes a full assessment of inspected performance, with positives and negatives highlighted and clear recommendations made in line with best practice. Any observations that have been closed during the audit period must still be marked as an observation/finding, but the fact that the observation has been closed to the satisfaction of the auditor should be stated in the final report. On completion of the audit all findings must be discussed with the Master and the audit summary report signed by both parties.

Sophisticated analyzing tool. This allows the client to compare vessel- and crew performance over their fleet. After some audits executed with this approach, it will be possible for the office to investigate the root-cause of the observations and to highlight any significance’s. For example, if the observation is only random on some ships, or a more general item, which needs to be addressed by the office and/or the bridge manual.

For the audits, PTP uses a very detailed wide-ranging questionnaire. This electronic form includes a:

  • Hyperlink function to display related pictures
  • Attachment library
  • Executive summery
  • Evaluation of the crew and vessel performance